With around 150 languages being spoken by the people of Toronto, you could say Toronto is one of the world’s most diverse and cosmopolitan cities. At Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, you can get up close and personal with sharks and sting rays while still being in Toronto. To satisfy your curiosity about natural history and world cultures, you could visit the Royal Ontario Museum. You can visit the Toronto Islands to experience the largest urban car-free zone in North America. But you might also want to have a sexy lady with you as you visit these Toronto landmarks. This is where Toronto independent escorts are a great solution.

Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market and the Distillery District let you travel and explore the ‘old’ city. Hiring independent Toronto escorts will let you explore some of the hot and exciting new features of the city with a hot lady in two. You can even take your escort out on a date to the observation deck or the restaurant near the top of the CN Tower, the iconic and signature Toronto landmark.

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Toronto is the leading immigrant-attracting city in the world and there is a reason for that. Toronto is tolerant; Toronto is liberal; Toronto is welcoming, and Torontoites are non-judgmental. If you are a Toronto resident or a tourist in Toronto, you could try out some of the fun aspects of the city such as its escorts.

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Toronto is both old as well as new. The name may have been from the Iroquoian language meaning ‘plenty.’ Toronto’s multicultural, tolerant character offers a lesson to the world about how to live harmoniously. This is the only hope for mankind (and womankind and humankind as well) if we are to realize our species’ immense potential in a universe teeming with two trillion galaxies. Toronto’s escorts are an example of the new Toronto. Among the female escorts operating in Toronto, who knew that the best escort in Toronto is independent? But that’s arguably the case.

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Sometimes, humans show immense potential as a species — such as when they make the progress form being hunters and foragers to a species that uses industrial robots to build electric cars that drive autonomously.

Other times, humans don’t show as much potential .. or, wisdom … or, foresight — such as when they stockpile nuclear weapons.

The reality of escorts positively falls on the hopeful side of humanity. When you spend time with Toronto escorts, you’ll definitely find that to be a positive experience.

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We forget how recent so much of our culture and technology is — forget WhatsApp and cellphones and smartphones and satellites. Even the idea of having synchronized time across cities originated in England barely a century or two ago when railways started running trains and ‘time’ needed to be the same across different stations.

The ideas of love, romance, relaxation, romantic fun and much else is similarly recent. A hunter gatherer species now talking about life in the multiverse!